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Professional Management Services

Multi Units Management


Though apartment complexes have varying classifications, locations and clientele they all need the utmost care.

Tidal Management understands what approach should be taken for the many different, diverse apartment communities in Houston. Our firm handles every aspect of the daily operations and have an experienced staff ready to tackle all of the needs that arise in the world of multi-unit living. 

Though we are large enough to handle any size complex we are still accessible enough to give the personal touch each complex needs.

With our focus on the bottom line which leads to an aggressive leasing plan our occupancy rates are typically higher than industry averages and we a keep costs down where needed without the unpleasant label of “slum lords” from the residents. 

We understand that though the residents don’t own the units they reside in, they are your main source of income which motivates us to attract the best renters and keep them as paying residents for the longest period time as possible!

Flat Rate Pricing

We understand the economics of real estate investments and the importance of the "bottom line" which is why we offer very competitive flat rate pricing for your multi units assets.

Resources to Protect your Investment

We have the training, expertise and knowledge to handle all types and classes of apartment complexes. From CPA's to the top maintenance technicians, there is no task we can't handle on a professional level.